Responsible Waste Management Tips In London

As a home or business owner in London, you have the sole responsibility of ensuring that the premises is clean and habitable at all times. Part of ensuring this includes effective waste collection and clearance.  The UK law is very clear on how you are supposed to dispose of any waste, domestic or commercial.  But it goes beyond what the law says, it is about adopting effective waste management tips in our day to day lives. Think long term, start small. Effective waste management is more than just hiring the right waste removal company; it’s also about generating less waste in the first place, recycling whatever is recyclable, and so on so forth. In this article, we have listed down a list of easy tips to guide you in managing your waste in London responsibly;

  • Reduce; reducing is the first tip towards ensuring that you effectively manage your waste. This applies in both domestic and commercial premises. It’s better to carry your own shopping bag to the supermarket than rely on the packaging offered therein; you’ll have more to dispose of at the end of the day. Similarly, not all waste is really waste. Food leftovers should not be dumped in bins or landfills as they attract rodents and scavengers; instead, invest in a composter to help turn such into useful compost manure. In other words, reduce the waste you generate both at the decision-making level, and at the final stage of disposal.
  • Recycle; recycling is also a smart and profitable way of effectively managing your waste. Most of the waste generated in homes, offices, even construction sites and many more places, can be recycled. Plastic bottles, soda cans, product and gift wrappings, cardboards, plastic pipes used in plumbing, and so much more. At the decision making level, you have to ensure that the waste removal company you’re hiring in London has a history or recycling their waste. Will they take what’s recyclable to nearby London recycling points? Are their services inherently eco friendly? Never take for granted such factors when hiring a waste removal company, recycling is the last frontier when it comes to reversing the damage already done to the environment. Do your part by ensuring that all your recyclable waste ends up being recycled.
  • Landfills not always the solution; there’s the wrong notion with most Londoners that landfills are the final and perfect destinations for all waste and rubbish. But truth is that, landfills are filling faster and posing many problems. Methane is one example of greenhouse gases, that’s produced in landfills. Thus, always keep in mind the principle or reducing, reducing the amount of waste generated in your home or work area, and ensuring that we recycle or reuse what is usable.  Here at Express Waste Removals, we pride ourselves of high effectiveness; only about 15% or so of waste collected from your premises ends up in landfills. The rest is recycled and dropped off at the designated recycling spots across the city. Our professionals can also advice you on how to build your own home composter. Composters are great for preparing your own manure that you can later use on the lawn and kitchen garden.


Effective waste management should be more of a lifestyle, rather than a few acts here and there.  Get a professional and reputable waste removal company, find out about their recycling policies, and then ensure that they handle all your waste. It brings a sense of relief knowing that the waste you’ve generated from your home or office will end up being recycled into something new. Express Waste Removals is your true partner in this journey, for all your waste removal company needs, so talk to us today for details on the services we offer.

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