Restoration of Greensboro

We’ve been recently repairing our kitchen and so on the 2nd day of taking the cupboards out, we found a little mine field at the rear of our kitchen sink. The water pipe had been softly leaking for an unknown length of time and had fully damaged the floor, cabinet, etc. around it. This small problem will surely cost us quite a penny since we will have to fix up much more than we thought so. You always have to be aware of water leaks, be sure to check out water pipes and connections often. Specifically in areas you don’t view generally, the basement could well be one of them. Check for water indications within the surrounding parts of the pipe joints, mildew, wetness, decaying drywall, etc. Water is without a doubt a tricky thing, be sure that if you make new connection you’re doing it right to begin with, due to the fact a tiny leak can result in lots of headaches and money.
Monitor your foundation, make sure there aren’t any cracks anyplace, in case there are any seal them. Another place to be weary of water damage is windows, if your windows haven’t been updated make sure they are sealed properly and so they don’t let water in.


I now know a lot more about water damage than I knew before, some thing which will come in useful in the near future. The experience was absolutely one to be learned, I just wish we had discovered it sooner and prevented all the foundation damage.

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